July Beauty Favourites

July Beauty Favourites


My luck with experimenting with beauty products this month was similar to the weather – some scorchers but not as many as had been expected! Nonetheless, as I made the most out of our short heat wave, I also found a few products that I loved this month. Here we go…

Lush – Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Ocean salt scrub - LushIf you read my June favourites you will remember me taking back anything bad I said about Lush and confessing my love for the brand. I also mentioned that I wanted to try their Ocean Salt face and body scrub, so this month I did! This got me curious as I am always on the lookout for facial exfoliating products, the grittier the better and this one looked perfect. It is a thick paste like mixture with lashings of sea salt for a deep exfoliation while the avocado butter and coconut oil soften your skin.

For a deep clean I rub it into my face when it’s dry and then rinse off. For a gentle clean or if you are using it every day scrubbing it on a wet face is advised.

Overall I love it and will most definitely be repurchasing it, as I’ve already run out. With oily skin, pores become clogged very easily and this scrub done the job of cleansing my face better than anything before. I used it daily and noticed my skin looking clearer from day one.

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The only one thing I don’t like about this is the taste. Now I know I’m not supposed to put it in my mouth but when using this on your face, some will inevitably end up on your lips, just make sure you thoroughly rinse your face before licking your lips if the taste of fruity, salty soap doesn’t appeal to you.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – Kate Moss Nude Collection

I’ve been a fan of the Kate Moss line of lipsticks from Rimmel since they came out. There is a fantastic colour range, they are pigmented, long lasting and come in a choice of matte and shiny finishes. So I may have gotten a bit over excited when I saw that they had come out with a nude range, and bought 3 of them #40 #42 and #45. But hey, I only have 5 other nude lipsticks so really, I needed them.

I love all of the colours. #40 is my favourite, it is the lightest but isn’t too pigmented which could lead to your lips looking like they are covered in concealer.

Keep it in your bag for regular top ups as the staying power isn’t the best, definitely not as good as the darker colours in the Kate Moss line, but at such a good price, it’s not a big deal for me.

Soap and Glory – Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar

DIY Brow BarI don’t know when eyebrows became so important, but they did. Whether you like the Cara Delevingne look or prefer thinner brows, you are going to need some help in perfecting them.

When it comes to brow products, I’m not that fussy. I prefer to use powder and find that any medium brown coloured eyeshadow works well. The beauty of this little kit from Soap and Glory is the fact that everything is together in one lovely looking round compact. This little set contains 2 brow powder colours – Love is Blonde and Hot Chocolate, a clear wax, a cream highlighter, 1 double ended brush and comb and 1 single ended brush. Everything you need to get the perfect definition to your brows.

The packaging on all of Soap and Glory products feels well made, and looks more expensive than it actually is. The D-I-Y Brow Bar has a mirror on the inside of the lid which makes it very easy to apply on the go.


No7 – Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid

Skin illuminator No7If you like to keep up with beauty trends and read beauty blogs then you have probably heard of strobing a lot in the past month or so. Strobing is a word used to describe a makeup technique that results in heavily highlighted or dewy looking skin – it focuses exclusively on highlighter, applying it to the face where light would naturally hit. Contouring has been the hot makeup technique that everyone talked about for the past couple of years but strobing is much more summer appropriate I think and a lot easier to do.

To try out strobing I wanted to use both an illuminating liquid base and a powder, to get maximum results! I have plenty of highlighting powders but had to make a trip to boots to get a liquid one.

I had heard good things about the No7 Illuminator so I picked it up in the gold shade. I mixed it in with my foundation to get an all over glow and wow, I loved it. It brightened up my face so much, giving me a healthy glowing look. Using this with your foundation alone is enough to achieve a brighter completion but for the sake of strobing I added powder highlighter to the high points on my face.

I really did love the strobing look but for a more appropriate everyday look, I would recommend using the No7 Illuminator as a base under your foundation or mixing a few drops into your foundation before your blend.

Skin Iluminator brushMy only hang-up is the weird brush applicator that comes on the bottle. There are fairly long bristles that you must squeeze the product through. I don’t know why the company decided to package the product like that as the brush does not do a good job of applying the highlighter. My recommendation is to remove the top completely and put the product into a clean empty jar.

For a detailed look at the technique of strobing, I suggest that you take a look at this article: Strobing 101


That’s it for July ladies. No doubt next month there will be more advertisements and displays that suck me into buying things I definitely don’t need – I look forward to it! Speak soon.

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