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Another month has gone by frighteningly fast, but that’s okay because we are etching closer and closer to summer. As always, I have spent probably too much money experimenting and testing different products this month and I have found some great gems. Here are my favourite products I have been using throughout April:

1. Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo

dark-_-deep-batisteDry shampoo is on every girls dressing tablet. It’s a life saver on those mornings when you sleep in and don’t have the time to wash, blow-dry and straighten a long main of hair, but I find I use it mostly just to add volume. I have sampled a lot of different brands of dry shampoo, some of which I liked and some not so much, but I always go back to Batiste. There are a few reasons for this, firstly because it does a good job of keeping your hair looking like it is freshly washed, secondly because I haven’t found another that is as affordable while still doing a good job. The smell of this dry shampoo is another plus, I actually would buy it just to make my hair smell good even if it did nothing else. Having dark brown hair, you can imagine how annoying it is realising you used too much and look like you have grey roots! So I have to thank Batiste for making an affordable dry shampoo that comes in different colours. The dark brunette is the one I have been using this month and I haven’t had an issue with it being visible on my hair. I’m converted now, there’s no going back to regular dry shampoo.

2. L’oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire

I am a big fan of liquid lipsticks and this month I discovered another line which I will need to buy every one of. I bought the L’oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in 401 Fuschia Drama and it’s not only the bright and very pigmented colour that I love but the texture of this stuff is amazing too. Some liquid lipsticks feel too thick and heavy on the lips but I find this comfortable and moisturising.

L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire

3. Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail

Okay so, this nail polish isn’t going to stay on your nails for weeks without chipping but the price is so reasonable at £2.99 and with an excellent colour selection I would definitely recommend this line for anyone on a budget that wants some fun vibrant colours.


4. Sleek Cheek Products

Sleek are known for their cheek products so this month I decided to test some of them out. I bought a palette of three blushes in “Pink Spirit” and the face contour kit in light. First of all I really love the packaging. It is thin and compact so will easily fit into a small makeup bag and each compact has a mirror the size of the lid on the inside – this always comes in handy. The contour kit worked really well on my light skin, the contour shade is just the right cool toned brown and the highlight shade is a very flattering champaign colour. Both blend out perfectly. With the blushes you have to be really careful as they are very very pigmented. Use a light hand when applying these or you will end up looking a bit too flushed! But, when applied the right way, the bushes look great and stay all day. I’ll definitely be picking up for Sleek products in the future.

sleek face contour kit light

So that’s it for April beauty favourites. Stay tuned for next month!

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